Swim Memberships

The River Glen Country Club pool is heated and is open from May 24th through September 7th, 2020.  Memberships are priced according to the number of people in the household who will be using the pool. The pool is large and includes areas for small children. There is ample parking reserved for pool members during pool hours.


Thank you for your patience regarding planning your summer!  River Glen, in accordance with the Governor’s “Back on Track Indiana” plan for public/semipublic pools may open at 50% normal capacity starting May 24, 2020. Bather load counts all members in the pool as well as the pool decking.  The 50% capacity is designed to naturally allow social distancing and is not part of the social gathering mandate.

There is no evidence that COVID-19 can be spread through pool water itself within properly maintained aquatics venues, according to the CDC. Chlorine readily kills or inactivates the virus that causes COVID-19.

River Glen has set forth protocols for sanitizing frequently touched surfaces and immediately clean chairs and tables used by patrons upon their departure. Cleaning logs will be posted for members assurance.  Masks will be required by employees of River Glen except while in the lifeguard chairs until June 14. At that point we will follow the Governor’s order.

River Glen will implement all reasonable measures to promote, enable and encourage social distancing between members from different households. Lifeguards will NOT be required to enforce social distancing among members but will be authorized to enforce should they see a situation that needs addressing. Lifeguards primary job is to perform lifesaving and surveillance.  Members will need to monitor their own families and self-regulate within the protocols advised for our facility.

The “Back on Track Indiana” plan outlined by the Governor is fluid. It is possible to wait longer before moving into the next stage or even move backwards.  Because of this fluid nature, we would like to make clear that as a member you are agreeing to adhere to these protocols. We realize this will not be a typical summer pool environment but feel these are necessary to ensure safety while having a pool available for our members.

River Glen will monitor this plan closely and make adjustments where needed. If members feel this is not a good fit, we are happy to offer prorated refunds until June 14.

Thanks so much for your patience through this process.





Membership ID employee will wear mask until June 14. **

Membership ID employee will keep a running count of members currently at the pool and update our Facebook page each hour.

Lifeguards WILL NOT need to wear mask WHILE guarding in elevated chair. They WILL be required to wear mask when they are out of elevated chair, in guard room or restrooms until June 14. **

Lifeguards will have an available BVM (manual oxygen tank) in case of emergency so no mouth/mask contact will be used.

River Glen will have a COVID-19 employee that will sanitize ladders, handrails, guard chairs, restroom sink, light switches, door, and stall handles at minimum every hour.

They will sanitize lounge chairs/tables upon member departure.

Water chemistry will be tested and logged a minimum of 3 times per day to ensure proper sanitizing levels.

Lifeguards will request less horseplay and more distance. However, it is PRIMARILY the member’s job to adhere to social distancing according to recommendations. Lifeguard’s job is lifesaving and surveillance.

River Glen will have sanitizing logs posted.

**River Glen will follow the Governor’s order after June 14.

Member Protocols

It is the member’s responsibility to maintain a safe distance from others in the pool and on the pool deck. While we know chlorine kills COVID-19, breathing on people and surfaces remains a safety issue. While congregating in the pool and on the deck, distance is particularly important.

Parents will be required to monitor social distancing with their children for the importance of everyone’s health.

REQUIRED sign in/out of facility will assure an accurate count of members.

Limit use of restrooms as much as possible. Please arrive and depart in your swimsuits.

Concession stand will be closed until further notice. Please bring your own beverages to stay hydrated.

Members are encouraged, not required, to wear masks when not in the water especially when entering and exiting the pool and while using the restroom.

No masks are allowed in the water as it poses a drowning threat.

Members may NOT move or turn and furniture on the pool deck. The furniture MUST always remain in place.

Diving board line must maintain 6 feet of distance between members.

General Protocols

River Glen is limited to 50% normal capacity.

River Glen Facebook page will be updated every hour with number of members currently present.

Membership ID employee will ask members to wait 6 feet apart in the front of the bathhouse until capacity allows entry.

There will be no lessons or traditional swim team prior to July 4. We hope to offer something after July 4.

Kids 10-17 will need a signed waiver on file certifying the understanding of social distancing to come to the pool without an adult.

No rafts may be used by members under the age of 18.

Lifeguard and/or any employee of River Glen reserves the right to ask a member to leave the premises if not adhering to protocols.


As a member, I understand it is my responsibility to maintain 6 feet of social distancing while at River Glen Pool.

The lifeguards are working to preform lifesaving duties and surveille the pool, not to enforce social distancing. ONLY if a situation exists that needs addressed will the lifeguards step in.

River Glen may allow 50% normal capacity. Members may be required to wait until space is available for entry.

The 50% capacity limit includes members on the pool deck and in the water.

Members may ONLY be near family or the people who reside in my home.

As a parent of a child swimmer, please understand it is your responsibility to assure children adhere to the 6 feet of social distancing while on the pool deck and in the water.

Pool furniture may NOT be moved.

Only one person may use the restroom at a time and while waiting, please maintain 6 feet from the other members.

If there is a line to enter the pool area 6 feet of distance must be maintained from the member in front.

I understand if I decide I cannot adhere to the protocols in place I may request a prorated refund until June 14.

Please do not congregate in the pool parking lot unless 6 feet of distance is maintained from other members.

River Glen and/or an authorized government entity may decide these protocols are not working and decide to close. If that is the case, refunds will be issued. Depending on timing, refunds may be prorated.

** If I have a child who is between the ages of 10-17 who will come to River Glen without me, I certify my child and I have discussed social distancing and understand the importance of maintaining 6 feet from other members of the pool. My child will adhere to these rules.

**____________________________________Parent signature

Children under 10 years old must be accompanied by an adult member.

I understand that my signature as a “member” includes all people associated with my membership as well as any guests I may bring to the pool.

Member Signature_________________________________________   Date______________________

Pool Membership Rates

First Household Member $310
Additional Household Member $70

* Household members are family members who reside in the individual member’s household or full-time nannies, butlers, house sitters, or baby-sitters.